What does it cost to stay at seven10?

A weekend of crafting at seven10 is $150, which includes two nights and three days. The cost breaks down to two nights of lodging for $50 per night plus a $50 fee for use of our crafting studio for the entire weekend. Additional nights can be added for $50 per night. For another $50 per person for the weekend, groups of six or more can add meals to their stay. See complete details on our Book a Crafting Stay page and our Meals page.

How does check-in work?

For crafting retreats, you may check-in any time after Noon on the first day of your stay. The morning of your arrival, you’ll receive an email with important reminders (driving directions, parking, etc.) and instructions on accessing the house. If your group has added meals to your stay, meals will be waiting for you in the kitchen fridge to heat and enjoy at whatever time is convenient for you. See our complete arrival instructions here.

How does check-out work?

Before you leave seven10, we ask that you tidy the crafting studio and any other spaces you’ve used and double check that you haven’t left anything behind. Don’t forget to check the dumbwaiter too! We also ask that you put dishes in the dishwasher and take trash to the curb, but you don’t need to worry about bed linens or towels. Please be certain the front door and back door are both locked when you leave. Read our complete departure instructions here.  

What if we need something during our stay?

The pre-arrival email you receive will have our on-call phone number in case you have questions or concerns during your stay. We respect your privacy and your desire for a quiet crafting weekend, so we won’t come by the house unless there’s an issue that requires our help.

Can you accommodate guests with mobility concerns?

seven10 is a historic home with three floors connected by two different stairwells. The first floor includes the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and two living areas, which can be configured as crafting space for up to 10 people when requested. The first floor also includes a sofa where one guest can sleep if they wish to avoid stairs completely. Our second floor includes four bedrooms with a total of 12 twin beds plus a bathroom. The third-floor crafting studio has craft space and a lounge area but no bathroom.

When groups choose to use the first floor as their crafting space, stairs are only required when coming down in the morning and when going up to bed in the evening. Use of the third-floor crafting studio does require more use of the stairs to come down one floor for a bathroom and two floors for meals.

We have a ramp from our back parking area to the back door, and then a dumbwaiter from the kitchen up to the third-floor studio space to transport crafting supplies and equipment. No lugging heavy stuff up the stairs required! The dumbwaiter should never be used to transport people.

Where do we park?

We have off-street parking that can be accessed from an alleyway just north of the home. We recommend that you enter the alley from Walnut Street for easiest access. The parking area can easily fit six cars and can fit up to 10 with creative and careful parking. There are also two parallel parking spaces in front of the house. Please see our parking policies for complete details on parking options.

What crafting amenities do you provide?

Our crafting space includes spacious adjustable height work tables, comfy office chairs, OttLite task lights, and plenty of electrical outlets. We also have an ironing board, iron, cutting table with mat, and a sharps container to safely dispose of needles, rotary blades or other sharp items. In our third-floor crafting space, we also have a helpful craft supplies section that includes excess fabric, paper, notions and other materials stocked by your hosts or left by previous guests.

Can individuals or small groups make a reservation?

We welcome individuals and groups of all sizes to come experience a weekend at seven10! However, we do require a minimum of four guests to open the house, and the minimum is six guests if meals are requested. Each guest makes their reservation individually on our website or by calling us to book a room.

When small groups reserve a weekend, other individuals or groups may be joining your retreat weekend to achieve full occupancy in the home. Fellow crafters often become good friends over the course of a crafting retreat weekend! If you prefer not to share the home with other groups, you can pay to reserve the entire home for the weekend and limit it to your group only. If you’re an individual or small group looking for a creative weekend away, watch our Facebook page where we will post group weekends that have openings for additional reservations.

Each group should designate a hostess, which helps simplify communication with seven10 and avoid mixed signals. The hostess for the weekend will be responsible for choosing the menu (if meals are being added) and indicating whether your group would like to use the third-floor crafting studio or would prefer to set up the first floor for crafting.

If you have other questions, please just ask! We look forward to welcoming you to seven10 soon.


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