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We’re lifelong creatives and crafters (quilting for Kristy and scrapbooking for Becky). Those are two hobbies that benefit from having ample space and focused time to work on projects, and we know that crafting and creating is even more fun with friends.


Through the years, we’ve planned weekend getaways to various places for crafting retreats, and we dreamed of opening our own crafting retreat space. In 2017, we bought a beautiful home in Guthrie and started making that vision a reality.


We’ve poured our heart and soul into this home, and we truly want seven10 to be your creative home away from home! We’ve paid careful attention to the details for our crafting space and the rest of the house to make it warm, welcoming, and comfortable for your crafting weekend while also giving you plenty of room to spread out and get to work on your projects.


We look forward to welcoming you to seven10 soon! If you have any questions, please let us know.


Kristy Satterlee & Becky Sellers



seven10 is an American Foursquare home built in 1894 during the early years of the Oklahoma Territory. The grand homes of this time were magnificent, and seven10 was no exception. 


The home is rumored to have been a Methodist parsonage for some time, then it was home to a local family for four decades before sisters Kristy Satterlee and Becky Sellers became its new owners in November of 2017 with the vision of opening a crafting retreat space.


Most of the original woodwork and flooring still exists in the home, but the kitchen and bathrooms have been updated a fair bit through the years. While renovating the space to accommodate crafters, Kristy and Becky have focused on retaining the historic beauty and architecture of this great home. 


We know that you will appreciate the history and splendor of seven10.

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