Our kitchen includes a full-size refrigerator, microwave, oven/stove, toaster oven, and dishwasher for your use during your stay. We also have plates, bowls, utensils, cups, and basic cooking and baking equipment for your convenience.


We have a standard 12-cup coffee pot upstairs and downstairs and provide coffee from Guthrie’s own Hoboken Coffee Roasters and Rick's Fine Chocolates and Coffees, as well as assorted teas and cocoa. The kitchen fridge and a mini fridge upstairs are both stocked with assorted cans of soda and bottled water, plus we have sweet or salty snacks available.


Some of our guests at seven10 want to take a break and go out to enjoy local restaurants, while others want to maximize their crafting time as much as possible during their weekend stay. It’s your weekend, and it’s up to you and your group to decide which option works best for you.


For groups of six or more, we partner with a local meal prep company to provide a total of six meals (two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners) for only $50 per person for the weekend. These delicious family-style meals are waiting in the fridge and/or freezer when you arrive with complete cooking instructions listed on each item. When cooking multiple items at one time in the oven, keep in mind that you may need to increase the cooking time by as much as 50%.

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