We have four bedrooms, named after the First Ladies of Oklahoma Territory from 1890 to 1901, during which time Guthrie was the capital. Each reservation is for an individual guest. The number of beds per room are listed in the descriptions below.


We require at least four total guests, six if meals are requested. Each group should choose a hostess. This person will be the point of contact for your group with seven10. This will simplify communication and avoid mixed signals. Please know that other groups may be joining the retreat in order to achieve full occupancy in the home. What a great way to get to know fellow crafters!

For $150 per person we offer a three-day and two-night retreat. Check-in is at noon, check-out is at 4:00. For $50 more, six meals are included in this cost. Add an additional day for only $50 per person, but please note meals are not included for this day. All applicable taxes are included in our prices.

We will collect a deposit of $50 (+$25 for each additional night). The balance is due no later than thirty (30) days prior to your arrival date.

Contact us to pay your balance and be sure to read and understand our reservation policies and house rules.




Marietta overlooks our front and sleeps three guests.  Marietta Swayzee Steele was the wife of Oklahoma Territory's first governor, George Washington Steele.



Elizabeth features beautiful bay windows and sleeps three guests.  Elizabeth Bartlett Barnes was the wife of Oklahoma Territory Governor Cassius McDonald Barnes who was in office at the turn of the century.




Delphina is our smallest and coziest room, sleeping two guests.  Delphina White Jenkins was the wife of William Miller Jenkins, Territorial Governor of Oklahoma from April to November of 1901.



Jennie is our largest room and sleeps four.  Jennie B. York Renfrow was the wife of Cary Renfrow, Oklahoma Territory Governor from 1893-1897.


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