Our second floor has four bedrooms, each named after one of the First Ladies of Oklahoma Territory from 1890 to 1901 when Guthrie was the capital.  


  • Marietta overlooks the front yard and has three twin beds.

  • Jennie, our largest room, has four twin beds.

  • Elizabeth, which boasts a beautiful bay window, has three twin beds.

  • Delphina is our coziest room with two twin beds.


When you make a reservation with seven10, you will choose a specific room. We require a minimum of four guests for a weekend stay and six guests if adding meals to your reservation. 

Our second floor also includes a bathroom, of course, with plenty of shelving for storing your toiletries during your stay. All towels and linens are provided during your stay.


For complete details on costs for a weekend retreat, please see our Make a Reservation page.

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